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"When we enter this world, we have no idea what life has in store for us, but we all have a purpose for being here. Although, our journeys will vary, I do believe that we are all connected and that you will be able to see yourself in “my journey” to discovering my own purpose," writes Mary Kennedy in Chapter 1 of her book, You Will See God’s Miracles If Only You Believe!


Former Champion Toastmaster International Speaker, Mary Kennedy uses her proficiency as a professional motivational speaker to compose her words in such a way to bring encouragement and conviction to others, stimulate a spiritual awakening and overcome life challenges.


Mary Kennedy is the proud recipient of the 2011 California Woman of the Year award and a 2-time Library of Congress’ Outstanding Professional nominee in 2012 and 2013. She is also the former CEO of the Lathrop District Chamber of Commerce and a recognized, motivational speaker.

Book Bio


Former Champion Toastmaster International Speaker, Mary Kennedy’s life, seems to be immersed with almost daily supernatural events that some only dream of!

Born with a prophetic gift, Kennedy delights us with miracle-rich stories from early childhood to the present. Take for instance, young Mary at the racetrack with her stepdad; she picked all the winning horses! Or the time she alerted a flight attendant that something was wrong with the jet, and there was! And what about the time she told cancer to turn around “in five days” and it did!

Kennedy’s book is alive with attitude, moxie and the unapologetic conviction that God is her fortress.

  • 2011 California Woman of the Year

  • Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

  • Former Champion Toastmaster

  • International Speaker

  • Inducted into the Library of Congress

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Leadership Coach

  • CEO/Consultant

  • Author

Book available for

purchase on Amazon

Book available for

purchase on Amazon

What People are Saying ...

~ Linda Abeldt
Partner, More Than Talk LLC

~ Les Brown
Renown Motivational Speaker

“I endorse you because you are there, and it is a plum pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege to have you as a member of this profession. March forth.”

~ Tracy African American Association

“Her passion is public speaking.”

~ Qasim Tarin, Chairman Electro Imaging Systems, Inc.

“Mary Kennedy is a very unique individual who has overcome several life challenges by the sheer power of her faith. We see evidence of her faith again and again throughout her book, You Will See God’s Miracles if you Only Believe, which is a testimony of just how true it is that faith and prayer “changes things.”


Mary’s faith and prayers have not only delivered her from life-threatening health issues like cancer and a stroke, but has touched the lives of her family and friends in ways that can only be explained as miraculous! This book touches every cord of human emotions.


I highly recommend and endorse it as a “must-read” to all; especially to those who need a spiritual awakening.”

~ Bilingual Weekly

“She’s recognized for her work in economic development …”

“In my position as a consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with Mary Kennedy Bracken over the last several years both as the Lathrop Chamber and the Manteca/Lathrop Boys & Girls Clubs.

She is organized, motivated and innovative with great leadership qualities. Mary took a fledging organization and made it one of the most well respected groups in Lathrop. Mary is a leader in her community and within the non-profit industry. It has been my pleasure to work with Mary and I look forward to many additional collaborations.”

Book available for purchase on Amazon

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